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Here’s this weeks roundup of the latest Backstage news.

Merged in the last 2 weeks

106 pull requests were merged in the last 2 weeks. Here are the highlights.

Search foundations

The TechDocs team from Spotify added a new search API to the backend. Until now, all searching happened in the browser and thus was limited to small…

Last week marked the 1 year anniversary of Backstage being announced to the world on the Spotify Engineering blog.

Last year, a small team of Spotifiers had a hunch about our homegrown developer portal: if Backstage could help our 1,600+ engineers manage the 14,000+ software components we use at Spotify…

Believe it or not there are two Backstage meetups happening over the next 2 weeks! 📅

The next official Backstage Community Session will take place on March 17th. As usual, you can suggest topics for the session and vote on your favorite topics using the linked GitHub issue. The current…

The Backstage scaffolder is an easy way for engineering organisations to bake best practices into a set of software templates and encourage their use for creating new services and components. This helps improve production consistency and reduce lead time for new services.

Each template is a YAML file which Backstage…

The first Backstage community session took place last Wednesday and was a resounding success. 117 people joined the core team on Zoom to hear Spotify explain the drivers behind the huge success of Backstage there.

We also got an update on recent progress against the roadmap and SDA SE spoke…

Engineering organisations often face a dilemma. When there is a lot of freedom to choose technologies and tools, the developer ecosystem ends up with high variability and few opportunities to optimize developer flows. On the other hand, if too much constraint is applied then innovation is stifled and creativity suffers.

The first Backstage community meetup of 2021 has been announced on the new Backstage community GitHub repo.

The meetup will take place on February 17th (just over a week from now) at 15:00 GMT on Zoom.

So far over 20 people have indicated their intention to come along. You can…

Today marks the one year anniversary of the very first commit to open source Backstage 🍾 Since then it has been… busy, with as many as 99 pull requests merged each week.

With more adoption, a bigger community and a strong direction, 2021 looks set to be an even bigger…


Delight your devs with the world-class technology that powers the development and operation of Spotify’s 2,000 microservices.

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